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Amanda Hill to Leave Harrods Due to Family Commitments

Pop singer @MAXMusic talked to us about his second album and how @Madonna made him appreciate being a “fun-sized human.”⁣

For the new album, “House of Divine,” he’s discovered the color yellow in a major way — as his Instagram suggests. After having vocal surgery, he couldn’t speak for four months (he learned sign language, the whole thing), and woke up one day consumed by the color yellow. ⁣

On how he started to embrace his size after starring in a campaign with Madonna, Max said, “Honestly I’ve always been so insecure about [my height] especially because I loved fashion so much, and that was the first time that I really started embracing myself because I was like, ‘Wow I got this because of this,’” he says. “It really made me less afraid.” ⁣

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Report: @leighen⁣
📸: @amylombard