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Iconix Brand Group has announced that menswear designer Nick Graham will be returning to Joe Boxer as a creative consultant for an updated iteration of the brand he founded out of his San Francisco apartment in 1985.

Graham and Iconix will collaborate on product and marketing
initiatives for a premium extension of the Joe Boxer brand, which will be
distributed online and in specialty and department stores. As for his plans for
Joe Boxer, Graham said the goal is to build on its heritage and its ability to
make people smile.

Graham grew Joe Boxer to be an internationally-recognized
brand known for its quirkiness and irreverent sense of style and humor. The
award-winning brand had an impact on the fashion industry that still resonates

For over 30 years, Graham has been recognized as one of the
most innovative designers and marketers in the apparel industry. Joe Boxer was
one of the first proponents of social media, long before the term even existed.
As chief underpants officer of Joe Boxer, Graham pushed the concept of
experiential marketing to new heights. The brand was one of the first on the
internet in 1992, did the first live-streamed fashion show with Microsoft from
an airplane hangar in Iceland and installed the world’s largest email in New
York City’s Times Square.  The brand
holds the record for the highest point a pair of underwear has been alone,
(120,000 feet, by single thrust rocket), and the unofficial record for the
World’s Fastest Fashion Show, (1.2 seconds by Human Cannonball).

Graham sold the Joe Boxer brand in 2001 but remained as a
partner until Iconix acquired the brand in 2005.

“It’s so great to be back working with Joe Boxer. It is
still one of the best-known brands out there, and it will be so fun to play
with it again,” said Graham. The Nick Graham brand is a completely different
demographic, more driven by tailored clothing and dress shirts and appealing to
a slightly older consumer. Joe Boxer is younger and a lot more casual and

“Iconix is excited to bring Nick Graham back to the Joe
Boxer brand,” added Bob Galvin, president and chief executive officer of Iconix
Brand Group. “He’s a true marketing and creative visionary and he’s providing
us with valuable insight that will help us bring Joe Boxer to a new

Graham launched his first eponymous menswear brand in 2014 to address what he defines as the “Perennial Millennial” consumer. The Nick Graham brand, which is a division of Tharanco, offers color and style at affordable prices, and includes dress shirts, tailored clothing, swimwear, sportswear, and footwear and is distributed online and in department stores in the United States.