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Coronavirus Impact: Coty Expects 20% Decline in Next Quarter

Kerby-Jean Raymond is converting the Pyer Moss office into a donation center and establishing a fund in response to COVID-19. ⁣

The New York designer, who grew up in Flatbush, posted on Instagram Wednesday explaining that his sister, a medical professional, has been exposed to COVID-19, and that her health and that of her elderly patients has been compromised due to a lack of N95 masks. That story, and others about nurses resorting to rewearing masks after cleaning them with bleach, prompted him to convert his New York office into a donation center.⁣

Jean-Raymond included his address on 27th Street in the post, asking for people to mail donations of masks and Latex gloves, and noted he will be contributing $5,000 to purchase supplies, if anyone can DM leads about where to buy them. The post received nearly 2,500 likes in an hour.⁣

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Report: @boothmoore