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How Queen Elizabeth Became the Ultimate Champion of British Luxury Brands

The late Queen Elizabeth II could accurately be described as a conspicuous consumer of British luxury. Not that she did anything as vulgar as flaunting her wealth and status—far from it. More that she was acutely and professionally aware of how she looked, famously choosing to wear bright colors, for example, so as to be easy to spot in a crowd. She was always aware, also, that her choices would be noticed—and that by wearing clothes by homegrown brands, she was championing British luxury as surely as she would later do when she joined Anna Wintour on the front row at London Fashion Week in 2018. The Queen would often “buy British” (as Britons were urged to do in the strife-torn 1970 and ‘80s). But not always, and a keen sense of patriotism didn’t preclude her from owning countless Hermes scarves, along with some by Burberry (plus their classic trench). Read more at Robb Report