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StockX Taps Industry Veteran Paul Foley as Its Head of Brand Protection

StockX has added a new role created with verification and protecting the brand in mind, and has hired an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience for the job.

The marketplace has hired Paul Foley as its head of brand protection at StockX. In the role, StockX said Foley will work alongside its existing supply chain, operations and verification team. Here, Foley will advance core verification capabilities while designing strategies to protect the StockX brand and related anti-counterfeiting of manufacturing brands that trade across the marketplace.

“Protecting customers and ensuring they receive verified products is at the heart of our business. That’s why the company is doubling down on its efforts — in part by creating positions like this one — to ensure we’re ever evolving, always adapting, leveraging technology and investing strategically to maintain the integrity of the customer experience,” Foley told FN.

In this role, StockX said Foley will be tasked with improving tools, training, certifications, processes and systems, as well as enhancing customer experiences with respect to verification and brand protection. Also, he will work with the product and engineering teams to mature system controls throughout verification operations, coordinate investigative efforts with law enforcement and more.

Foley — who has worked with the likes of Nike and Converse, and started with

“I’ve long been a fan of StockX and I’ve been following the company for some time. How could I not? StockX has been a global industry leader since its inception,” Foley said. “I’ve quickly learned that the company is made up of talented individuals who are not only dedicated but also passionate about providing the best possible experience for customers. The thing that excites me most, and was so attractive to me about StockX, is the commitment we share to protecting customers and ensuring they receive the products they’re expecting.”

Also, Foley said this role at StockX fits in the natural progression of his career path.

“With over 30 years of experience in supply chain and brand protection, it felt like a natural next step to take on a role at the marketplace level,” Foley said. “I’m excited to face many of the same challenges I did while working for a range of consumer brands — combating bad actors, protecting the reputation of my employer — but from a new, complex vantage point at a marketplace with hundreds of brands and over 150,000 product listings across categories.”

Because the head of brand protection role is new, Foley said he is still planning out all he’d like to accomplish.

“Over the course of my career in roles at Reebok and Nike, and as a consultant for other brands in the space, I’ve seen firsthand how secondary markets can elevate products into collectible art and tradable assets. I’m still shaping exactly what the future of brand protection looks like at StockX, but what I can say with certainty is that I intend to continue to work collaboratively and cross-functionally with our supply chain, verification and fraud teams to reinforce consumer trust in the brand,” Foley said. “We’ll also continue to amplify the stories of our talented verification team, create partnerships with brands to fight against counterfeits, double down with law enforcement action against bad actors and bring even more transparency to the ways in which the StockX team works to protect our consumers day in and day out.”