Andrew V. Jassin

Founder and Managing Director

Andrew V. Jassin is founder and managing director of the Jassin Consulting Group, a management consulting firm providing strategy development and implementation services exclusively to the fiber, textile, apparel and home furnishings industries and related supply chain companies.

In 1989 he formed the Marketing Management Group, Inc. (“MMG”), a consulting firm which helped fashion and retail businesses function effectively and provided independent expert counsel to top management on issues related to brand management, licensing, marketing and product evaluation. Mr. Jassin became one of the most influential and respected advisors in the fashion industries. Mr. Jassin distinguishes himself with a hands-on, personal approach, guiding his clients successfully through issues related to management, merchandising, production and international marketing specializing in licensing and distribution and strategic partnerships.

Mr. Jassin had a highly successful 20-year career in the apparel industry. As President and Chief Executive Officer of several operating divisions of Jones Apparel Group, a major apparel conglomerate. Mr. Jassin started Karl Lagerfeld, a division of Bidermann Industries, U.S./France, pioneering a worldwide licensing/manufacturing organization for this top European designer. Prior to Jones Apparel Group, Mr. Jassin was Principal and President of FU’s USA, an international jeanswear company with a global licensing and retail presence, which was sold to a major U.S. retailer.

Mr. Jassin is a member of the Fashion Service Network, American Apparel Manufacturers Association, American Arbitration Association, Fashion Group International, New York Fashion Council and Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association. Mr. Jassin has also been a speaker for New Wave Corporate Lenders Securitization of Royalty Income at the Harvard Club in New York. Mr. Jassin is also on the Board of Directors of the Fashion Service Network. In addition, Mr. Jassin has been an expert in matters of litigation and arbitration in state and federal court.