Paolo Wolfram

Vice President - Business Development

Having a diversified career in global sourcing and logistics and working with brands to include Iceberg, Romeo Gigli, Claude Montana, Enrico Coveri and Oliver by Valentino provides Paolo with a point of view of which is about connectivity of brands, resourcing, distribution and consumers.

Mr. Wolfram grew up in the European fashion system working with Italian brands and honing his craft with licensing and distribution agreements for European, U.S. and Asian distribution by virtue of his experience in wholesale as well as retail distribution. He has knowledge of all aspects of the process to bring brands and products to the consumer. He has worked on consumer advertising programs and celebrity endorsements of designer apparel.

Amongst his key industry achievements for Paulo; VP of P.R.E.L., Wal-Mart’s direct buying office in Europe and the Middle-East building sourcing volume up from $3 million (US) to $200 million (US).

President of Gilmar/Iceberg USA managing a fashion brand with strong connections to designer/urban and music culture building revenue to $65 million (US) and in addition, bought Gilmar licensing to include Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs.

Paolo Wolfram has been a spokesperson at many fashion industry events, maintaining relationships throughout the globe with brand owners, retailers and with marketing and public relations entities.

As a Director of European Business, Paolo offers our clients direct access to strategic and financial solutions for internationalizing business.