Stuart Kreisler


Since 1965, Stuart Kreisler has been an influential member of the Fashion Industry, specializing in the field of designer name licensing. Creating his own company, Design Strategies, in 1969 Mr. Kreisler consulting with designers interested in licensing their names to consumer products. His client list included Peter Max, John Kloss and Ralph Lauren among others. Wishing to expand further into the world of licensing, he formed the Kreisler Group in 1971. This new company manufactured and managed designer name women’s apparel for Clovis Ruffin and John Kloss.

During 1973, when Polo/Ralph Lauren was experiencing some difficulty with their Womenswear division, the Kreisler Group acquired their license. This acquisition was responsible for placing the Ralph Lauren Womenswear division in the forefront of women’s fashion. Bidermann Industries made an offer to acquire the Kreisler Group in 1979 when Ralph Lauren Womenswear had become the focal part of the company; the Kreisler Group a prominent part of Bidermann’s empire, generated about $120 million annually in sales.

Mr. Kreisler retired from Bidermann Industries in 1988 to pursue alternate personal endeavors and investments. During this time he was a founding investor in Sam & Libby, the successful footwear manufacturer. In 1993 after a five-year absence from Bidermann Industries, Mr. Kreisler was asked to return to Ralph Lauren Womenswear. In 1993, he accepted a consulting position working principally as CEO. Ralph Lauren Womenswear sustained losses the last three out of four years prior to Mr. Kreisler’s return, in the first six months of 1993, Ralph Lauren Womenswear had an operating loss of $4 million, but ended the year with a profit. In the two and a half years under Mr. Kreisler’s management, the company generated profits in excess of $25 million and generated cash in excess of $30 million. In September of 1995, the balance sheet assets of Ralph Lauren were sold for $43 million.

In 1996, Mr. Kreisler co-led the leverage buyout of Golden Brand Clothing Manufacturing of Montreal, Canada, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Moore Retail Group of Toronto, Ontario, which is Canada’s leading men’s retailer. After successfully managing and expanding the Group from 85 free-standing stores to 115 stores and a major expansion into the United States, Mr. Kreisler and his partner then sold the companies to Men’s Wearhouse of Fremont, California.

Mr. Kreisler continues to be active in the private equity field. He is founding owner of 95 School St, as well as Laundry Restaurant in East Hampton.